CRC is proud to partner with many non-profit organizations and community groups throughout California to help make long-term, positive impacts on families and businesses across the state.

Here’s a snapshot of some of our community outreach efforts in 2019:

California is a geographical masterpiece. Her shores rise up to the magnificent jagged peaks that stand guard over fertile valleys and cast long shadows on the deserts. Just like the abundance of our geological resources, we also have a diverse population that make up the cultural tapestry of our Golden State. Diversity is the state’s greatest treat and as a proud California company, California Resources Corporation is dedicated to ensuring our local diverse communities have a vibrant economy and sustainable future for generations to come. Todd Stevens, CEO, says “In California, it’s important for us that we’re an all California workforce to give back to where we live and work”. CRC takes great pride in helping improve the quality of life for California working families by championing access to affordable and reliable energy now and in the future. We are proud to support expanding access to the American Dream for all. Ensuring the fundamental right for Californians to have upward economic mobility and financial security, regardless of education or socioeconomic status. Aleen Manchester, Public Affairs Manager says, “We’re a Californian company. All of our operations are here in California, our kids are here, our families are here. We know there’s an overwhelming need for free resources especially in our disadvantaged communities. The men and women of CRC are so excited and honored to be able to volunteer their time to be at events”. In recognition of our values in promoting social responsibility, CRC was honored to receive the Corporate Citizen of the Year award by the Shafter Chamber of Commerce in Kern County and was inducted into the San Fernando Valley Business Hall of Fame. The future of our state is rooted in the education of today’s youth. CRC is dedicated to providing STEM education to energize our future leaders to learn and thrive. We celebrate the contributions and the important roles women have in our company and industry. Carmen Ferreyra, Operations Supervisor, says, “Developing those women within our industry and just giving them the tools to make them better and more successful in their job”. We salute our military heroes and first responders and recognize and honor their sacrifices and dedications to protect our nation’s freedom. In 2019, we proudly celebrated our greatest resource, our employees and the great value they bring to the entire state by providing safe, affordable and reliable energy for Californians. Bob Grundstrom, VP of Technology and Innovation, says, “We want to be a part of the community and we can really make a difference”.

Following are what a few of CRC’s partners have to say:

CRC Recognition

We are proud to honor California Resources Corporation as the 2017 Humanitarian Company of the Year. CRC is a longtime supporter of the American Red Cross, regularly donating to our signature program, PrepareSoCal a full-scale preparedness campaign and of course to disaster relief services throughout the state – giving millions of dollars to both build community resilience and to also benefit those in need over the decades. With the arrival of the Hurricanes and California Wildfires, CRC’s overall charitable gifts rose exponentially both via direct corporate contributions and also through workplace giving programs so we could respond to these unprecedented disasters and be there for those who needed us so dearly."

Jarrett Barrios, CEO American Red Cross, Los Angeles Region




We are proud to partner with California Resources Corporation whose commitment to our military and veterans aligns perfectly with our organizational commitment to our brave men and women who serve in our nation’s Armed Forces. As part of our year-round partnership, together we introduced a unique ‘Salute to Service Week’ of daily activations including military-focused collaborations with Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS), American Red Cross, Habitat for Humanity, US Vets, Merging Vets with Players, USS Iowa and Pros vs. GI Joes. Through this partnership, we honored families of fallen military members and celebrated current military members and veterans, while engaging our players, alumni, cheerleaders, staff and fans ¬− including local students − in meaningful military appreciation efforts. We are honored to work with CRC to help rally our community around our military heroes.”

Kevin Demoff, Rams EVP and Chief Operating Officer


CRC has established themselves as an integral partner in our work to fight cancer in Kern County and globally. CRC’s generous contributions to Relay For Life of Bakersfield assists American Cancer Society in providing research, resources, and programs for patients and their families. CRC’s dedication to our cause and care for our community is evident, and we would like to thank them for all they do to help us lead the fight for a world without cancer.”

Donna Hermann, Senior Community Development Manager, American Cancer Society, Kern County – West Region


The Latino Leadership and Policy Forum is proud to partner with California Resources Corporation in helping develop the next generation of informed leaders in the Latino community. CRC has been instrumental in providing great insight and expertise in energy-related public policy to the elected officials associated with our organization, and the information has given our members a well-rounded understanding of the energy issues we face. Through CRC’s education efforts, we are preparing community leaders to make informed decisions on energy and community needs in California.”

Moises Moreno, President & CEO, Latino Leadership and Policy Forum


Rancho Ventura is grateful to the entire CRC team for investing in important conservation efforts that protect the Ventura hillsides habitat and wildlife. California Resources Corporation’s partnership and support is more than just time and money. The CRC staff members have been hands on with conservation projects and helped us expand our giveback to the community. More hikes, more trees, more field trips, and more fun for all.”

Bonnie Atmore, President, Rancho Ventura Conservation Trust


For 100 years, the Boy Scouts of America has instilled leadership skills and character values in the lives of hundreds of thousands of youth in Long Beach. We believe in building up a generation committed to serving others and prepared for leadership. As we celebrate 100 years of service to the Long Beach community, we are thankful to our partners like CRC who believe in our mission and allow us to make life-long positive impacts on thousands of youth every year. Because of companies like CRC, we are able to develop strong leaders – the leaders of tomorrow ready to contribute to the fabric of our community.”

Marc Bonner, Assistant Scout Executive & Development Director, Boy Scouts of America, Long Beach


California Resources Corporation has been a HUGE supporter for the Yuba Sutter Diabetes Support & Resource Center by providing much needed charitable contributions to help keep our diabetes center open and at no cost for anyone who needs our services. We provide classes, support groups, educational material, supplies, outreach education at public schools & advocacy, emotional support, health fair presentations, home visit for the newly diagnosed, camp scholarships, and so much more! It takes a village and an understanding of how to manage type 1 or type 2 diabetes to live successfully! Our motto is, “You are not alone” and California Resources Corporation makes us feel the same when they provide much needed grants to keep our mission alive year after year.”

Ouida Wakefield, Executive Director/Founder, Yuba/Sutter Children's Type 1 Diabetes Support Group & Resource Center


California Resources Corporation (CRC) has been a longtime supporter of the work we do at Hispanas Organized for Political Equality (HOPE) to ensure political and economic parity for Latinas. Through our partnership, CRC has helped inform and engage more than 1,400 Latinas leaders about the energy challenges California faces in the 21st Century. CRC has supported HOPE in brining innovative educational programming to women across our state. Together we are working to ensure Latinas are stepping up, leading and representing the voices of their communities on energy issues.”

Helen Iris Torres, CEO, HOPE


For the past 3 years the Veterans of the VA Long Beach Spinal Cord Injury (SCI) Long Term Care Unit have received a visit from California Resources (CRC). The Veterans who live on this unit call this place “home”. Every year the Veterans look forward to their “home” being decorated by CRC. The night that CRC comes to decorate the unit and have a pizza party many of the Veterans come out and help decorate or visit with the employees. This is such a special event that the VA Long Beach staff and patients are so grateful to CRC for helping to spread holiday cheer to them.”

Crystal Bracy-Wilson, SCI/D Recreation Therapist, VA Long Beach Healthcare System – Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)Long Term Care Unit


The Inuit have more than 100 words for snow. I wish there were that many for thank you, because I’d use every one of them to express my gratitude for the generous and continuing support of California Resources Corporation.

Thank you for your supporting and inspiring our young scientists and engineers of tomorrow.”

John E. Tarkany, Science Fair Coordinator, Ventura County Office of Education


Because of the support of CRC in 2018 to purchase a wheelchair lift van, we are now able to provide our wheelchair bound veterans with transportation and more opportunities to participate in activity that would otherwise be limited by their restricted mobility.”

Meghan Paradiso, Development & Communications Manager, US Vets, Long Beach


CRC is a proven leader in establishing corporate partnerships with United Ways in California. Their local ongoing commitment to the Yuba-Sutter-Colusa United Way supports our 27 Partner Agencies which serve more than 15,500 individuals each month and our five recipients of our Community Impact Grants, serving children, the homeless and seniors. CRC is making a difference in California.”

Bob Harlan, Executive Director, Yuba-Sutter-Colusa United Way


Taft College is a small rural community college located in the western hills of Kern County. Our single district college, the West Kern Community College District, is surrounded by three of the largest producing oil fields in California. The City of Taft was built by families whose lives were dedicated to and reliant upon decades of oil and gas production. Taft College will celebrate its 100th Anniversary in 2022 and has developed many relationships with our industry partners. One special partner is the California Resources Corporation (CRC), which has dedicated continuous effort to assist our students in becoming successfully educated members of the local workforce. CRC employees have contributed many hours in volunteer collaborations over the years to support our educational and workforce endeavors. Taft College values this long-standing relations with CRC and truly appreciates their continued friendship.”

Sheri Horn-Bunk, Executive Director, Foundation & Institutional Advancement, Taft College/West Kern Community College District

We thank California Resources Corporation for its commitment to environmental conservation, and in inspiring youth and the community to actively participate in caring for our local wetlands and ocean resource. CRC's investment in STEM-based education and habitat restoration help further the goals and mission of the Bolsa Chica Conservancy, and together, we are cultivating the next generation of leaders, scientists and stewards.”

Grace Adams, Executive Director, Bolsa Chica Conservancy


The Golden Empire Gleaners is an independent Food Bank serving Kern County for over 34 years. We do not depend on any government grants and are 100% funded by our community partners and individuals that share in our goal ‘To help alleviate hunger in Kern County’. California Resources Corporation is a mission critical partner in that quest. Through corporate and team member support during the Oil Can Do It Food Drive and throughout the year, we continue to feed the less fortunate. CRC’s partnership with the Gleaners has endured and flourished, thanks to the sharing and giving culture shared throughout the organization.”

Glen A. Ephrom, Executive Director, Golden Empire Gleaners


The CA Latino Leadership Institute (CLLI) is honored to collaborate with the California Resources Corporation as a founding supporter of our Central Valley Women Empowerment Summit Program. Our mutual partnership goal is to increase the representation, participation, and entrepreneurial skills of California’s Central Valley rural women and underrepresented minorities into STEM careers. Therefore, contributing to California’s economic prosperity, providing young women clear pathways into good paying energy careers, leading to homeownership and ultimately financial security."

Lisa Baca, Executive Director, CA Latino Leadership Institute


Through our partnership with California Resources Corporation, we’ve developed an internship program that guides ethnic minority students in the advertising, marketing and public relations fields within the energy industry. These internships provide students with hands-on communications experience while exposing them to the technology and exploration behind California’s energy. The work that CRC performs is very important and it’s imperative that we encourage future generations to take an interest in energy. We look forward to continue partnering with CRC in providing these great opportunities for minority college students year-round and give them the experience that will help guide them in their careers.

Kim L. Hunter, Chairman and CEO, The LAGRANT Foundation



California Resources Corporation (CRC) has a strong dedication to the local communities where we live and work. Our families live here, our children are growing up here and our work is focused exclusively on California. CRC serves as an active and supportive community partner through impactful donations and volunteerism. Our charitable contributions support one of CRC’s five charitable giving pillars:

  • Veterans – CRC supports military and veterans organizations in recognition for their service to our country and as valued members of our workforce.
  • Education and Job Training – CRC supports programs that enable students to learn and be inspired about science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) and the oil and natural gas industry.
  • Environmental Stewardship and Water Conservation – CRC’s workforce values the sensitive ecosystems of the Golden State and enthusiastically contributes to solving challenges. The Company dedicates resources to habitat conservation and biodiversity and partners with water districts and non-profit organizations to help alleviate the impact of California’s drought on farmers and rural communities.
  • Public Health and Safety – CRC supports and develops programs that promote community health, safety and well-being, focusing on children’s health and wellness in underprivileged communities and our public safety professionals.
  • Community Empowerment – CRC supports community programs and events that strengthen California’s vibrant neighborhoods and address the local priorities that make each distinct.